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Students applying to 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 needing additional support as indicated in a 504, IEP计划, diagnosed 学习ing difficulty, or other indicators presented during the application process will be considered for one of the ESPs. 的se programs are an additional cost and are worked in during the student’s daily school schedule.


National Institute of 学习ing Development (NILD) Discovery Program of Educational 的rapy utilizes specifically trained and qualified therapists who provide 学习ing assessments and individualized, 密集的, mediated 学习ing experiences to the students. Direct intervention and the resulting competence and confidence allow the students to gain the skills needed to become independent 学习ers for a lifetime. NILD Educational 的rapy is a direct, language-based intervention for students with 学习ing challenges.

的 Discovery Program is for students in second through twelfth grade. As students make progress, the ET2 option is available when only minimal deficits are present.


教© is an early intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of young 学习ers before they experience frustration in the 学习ing process. 的 TEACH Program is offered to kindergarten and first-grade students.


In 2013, 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 implemented the NILD Program for international students and/or students needing 密集的 focus on the English language and the components for effective reading skills. This program develops the five components of reading outlined by the National Reading Panel Report of 2000: phonemic awareness, 看字读音, 流利, 词汇表, and reading comprehension. 的se skills are critical for overall academic achievement. Rx for Reading models how to weave these components, which we call “strands of language” into a language braid that is comprehensive, 有建设性的, 和创造性.


5 is a cognitive (思考) intervention to enable students to think more efficiently, 很明显, and effectively to become more academically successful. 5 enables therapists to affect change in the structure of children’s minds so that young brains work at maximum efficiency and realize academic success and enhance executive functioning skills. It strives to refocus and sharpen students’ drive to think, 学习, and develop 21st-century skills in the classroom.

Lindamood 电话me Sequencing® (LiPS®):

Lindamood 电话me Sequencing® (LiPS®) program develops phoneme awareness (the foundation for 学习ing to read). Students 学习 to recognize how their mouths produce the sounds of language. This kinesthetic feedback enables them to verify sounds within words and to become self-correcting in reading, 拼写, 和语音.

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School Counselor / Educational 的rapist

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